Decorating your Den that will Make Others Envious

Are you thinking about taking another stab at decorating your den?  The first thing you must realize is that it is not required for you to be a decorator. Anyone can decorate their home in such a way that people will think you used a professional interior decorator. It begins with the things you like and enjoy in your life. And it also requires stepping outside of your comfort zone a little bit. Be willing to try new radical things – because you can always change the things that do not work well. This is how you discover and learn when it comes to decorating. Every creative decision you make is not life or death.

The first thing you can begin doing is observing the other rooms in your house. Take note of the things that are working and the things that you are not particularly thrilled with. Try to envision the overall theme of your home’s décor. Let those internal visions percolate in your mind for a few days – this is how you begin decorating your den.

In many cases, the family den often becomes a huge mix of various items. This is usually because it is room that the family spends the most time in. The main TV is usually there and dens are typically adjacent to the kitchen as well. So dens are very prone to clutter as many things are dropped and left there by all family members. There is nothing wrong with this, but the idea here to decorate your den in such a way to allow for these spontaneous actions. You can set aside storage bins for these daily items that become clutter. It is much easier to incorporate these habitual activities in your new design than to get your family members to change their habits.

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