Organizing Your Garage

Organizing your garage will provide a few very unique challenges. You will need to combine odds and ends like cars, tools, toys, sports gear, and cleaning materials and make them sing in unison. They will need to be sorted and arranged in a way that they can be found again within a reasonable amount of time. And they will have to live together in one room.

If this doesn’t sound exciting, then you are not paying attention at all. Before you is a time to shine and impress your significant other. Since no one in the household generally likes to clean and organize the garage, it is the perfect opportunity to gain some points within your household. And when you have great guidance in organizing your garage like we are going to give you, then you will end up being even more of a hero. Sound good?

The fact is that all households will store things inside their garage that really don’t belong there. We all do it and probably always will. In most cases, there is typically too many things being stored there. Thus, our garages have become a dumping ground for quite a variety of family items.

So if your garage has become a massive mess of household clutter, remember that  you are not the only one. And the good news is that your garage can become something you can be proud of with some planning and effort.

The secret to organizing your garage is having a simple plan that will survive the test of time. For most of us, we clean and organize our garage, but in a month or two, it has become cluttered and messy again. This is why we plan the layout of our garage first. We want everything to stay organized for a long time.

Listed below are some great tips for organizing your garage the right way:

How to Organize Your Garage | Garage Storage Ideas | This Old House all items into three piles: keep, donate or sell, and toss. Lay them on dedicated tarps or mark off areas of your driveway with chalk and place them there. What should get the boot: outgrown toys, items that are broken beyond repair, expired household chemicals (which may need special disposal), and anything you haven’t used in two years or more. If you have a hard time letting go of things that have sentimental value, snap pictures as keepsakes. How to Organize Your Garage | Garage Storage Ideas | This Old House

How to Organize Your Garage From Top to Bottom | DIY you can give your garage a full day of your attention, you’ll find the work goes by quickly, especially when you’ve got a plan in place. Pull out everything that’s in the way and create zones for items that can be trashed or recycled, that can be donated, or that need to be organized and put back into the space. How to Organize Your Garage From Top to Bottom | DIY

To-Do List: Organizing the Garage | HGTV garage is where we toss everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. If you find yourself using your garage as a receptacle, it’s likely that you haven’t resolved all your organizing challenges within the home-and that your garage needs a serious overhaul. Reclaim your garage and restore order with this organizational to-do list. To-Do List: Organizing the Garage | HGTV



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