Creating Your DIY Home Decor Project List

What is it that we love about those spontaneous DIY home décor projects? What makes them so damn satisfying?

Sometimes we just seem to get that inspiration right out of the blue and we feel compelled to act on it before we lose the moment. This is what I heard from many DIYers.

Planning Your DIY Home Decor Projects

And then this is followed by a planning stage where you are trying to mesh that idea in your head into something that is real and convert it into something nice in your home. You will hear many people say that this is the most enjoyable part of the process. The reason given is usually that they never know what to expect from that realistic conversion from what they are seeing in their mind’s eye.

What I recommend to those people that have these kinds of experiences a lot and you enjoy taking action on inspirations like this, then why not begin collecting your great ideas?

Organizing Your Home Projects

Create a place for yourself in your home where you can create and generate these nice DIY home décor ideas. If you see a picture in one of your favorite magazines, then clip it and store it somewhere for later. When you see it again in a few months, you may be able to take action on it. This is how creativity works, you have to keep cultivating it over and over like a garden, until it begins bearing some really nice veggies and fruits for you.

I always recommend setting up a folder on your computer’s hard drive. The reason is that most of us are using the internet for our inspiration source these days. A folder is where you download images that you find inspiring. Secondly, I recommend you set up a spreadsheet to jot down your ideas and sort them accordingly.

Listed are some DIY home décor project lists that can help you get started:

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